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Elderberry Jigglers

While I love elderberry syrup, it turns out not all children like it. My dental hygienist mentioned how her kids only liked the elderberry gummies, and asked if there was a way to buy local elderberry syrup and make her own. As is often the case - my answer was "I'll let you know".

I have messed with gummies before, and don't like making them. What I do like is jello. What kids like are Jigglers!! So I made elderberry jigglers. The first batch was too loose (so, I ate them all myself - my immune system is now the most powerful force on earth!!).

The second batch was great, and I had the neighbor children give them a taste test to confirm they loved them - two thumbs up! Also, you can eat them with your hands which is a win win in everyone's book.

This was the recipe and makes approximately 24 servings:

  • 1/2 c (1 oz) dried elderberries

  • 2 c water

  • 1 - 3 oz box of jello (use a strong flavor, my testers liked grape)

  1. Simmer elderberries and water for 30 minutes, or until liquid is reduced in half.

  2. Strain elderberries, reserving the liquid (this is your syrup). You should have 1 cup, if not, add enough hot water to make 1 cup.

  3. Mix hot syrup with jello and stir until dissolved.

  4. Pour into a container and chill until firm.

As a cost comparison,

Elderberry gummies from Amazon - $.40 per serving.

Elderberry jigglers - $.15 per serving.

While we do, of course, sell dried elderberries at the farm, we are are almost out. You can get them from many places online - there is just no excuse for getting sick this year!!!

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