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The Bitters Truth

Over the summer, I finally got around to formalizing my lifelong interest in all things herbal, and finished my education to become A CERTIFIED HERBALIST (imagine a little trumpet music here).

Along the way, one of the things I discovered was digestive bitters. I guess people who drink grown up drinks know about bitters as a flavoring to a variety of grown up beverages, but my interest was in soothing my horrendous acid reflux. I was taking a daily nexium and uncounted Tums to try and get through the evening. Enter the bitters!!!

I made a blend of gentian root, citrus peel, rosemary, cloves, and star anise, soaked in vodka for several weeks. The result is not delicious, it's .... well ... it's bitter!! Since I tend to really enjoy bitter flavors, this was not a problem for me (in my world, we should put capers in everything). Here's the good part (finally!!!) - half a dropper full of the bitters in my morning tea, and I have no more acid reflux, no more heartburn, no more indigestion. I can't actually taste it in the tea (which is another post entirely). It's kind of like a digestive miracle!! Definitely made a believer out of me.

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