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Missing the point

Sunday breakfast bribe to the one who runs the table saw - French Toast made from fresh sweet bread, dipped in duck eggs and cream. Do I even need to say the word "delicious"??

Saturday at the Farmer's Market was (still) surprisingly fun! In terms of "is it profitable" - well, it is not. But it is really really fun, and I tripled my sales from the week before, and had such a wonderful time talking to vendors and customers. I have been very reluctant to do a Farmer's Market, and now I wish I had started a long time ago - these are all a bunch of people who think the same way I do about food and hobbies!

More importantly, I got to buy all of the stuff I would normally have made a couple of trips to different venues to buy. Fresh bread, fresh butter, cheese curds (if you don't know what these are, go to a local Farmer's Market and get them - I have not had them in at least 30 years!!), meat, and duck eggs (for my good friend who is allergic to chicken eggs).

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