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Well I tried to make it Sunday

I felt like something a little sweet - to be fair, most days I feel like something a little sweet. But today, I wanted gingerbread. Rich, spicy, not overly sweet. Dave likes his with a dollop of whipped cream, but I am a lemon curd kind of girl. My curd came out more saucey than curdy...curdly...thick. But it is tart and delicious and as soon as I run out of cake I am eating it with a spoon.

Today was clear and breezy, perfect day to get the new elderberry starts in the ground and make some new cedar stepping stones for the bee garden.

And then on to work on some display stands, because, really - you can just never have too many display stands.

(Dave says that actually, you can have too many display stands and offers up our workshop as proof).

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