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Mince Me Maybe

Seriously, Kate? a month with no posting, and what brings you back is a pie? And it is not even a pie you made? Yeah, baby.

Not everyone likes mincemeat pie. But it has always been my favorite. At the age of 8, when given the option to have any kind of birthday cake I wanted, I requested a mincemeat pie.

But everyone else in my family hates them, so I have gotten out of the habit of making them. Today, the lady in the market booth next to me (Queen City Kitchen) brought in individual mincemeat pies. I did not expect to get one - I have spent the last month eating clean (which basically means eating nothing but carrots and kale). But I did not bring anything in for my breakfast, and in a low blood sugar episode, bought a little pie.




This, this is like nothing I have ever had before. I cannot do this little pie justice in words. I do have to acknowledge that I kind of feel like I am dying from a sugar, flour and bourbon butter overload - and I'ma die happy and would do it again (and will, just as soon as I digest some of the first round and have room to pork down the rest of the little pie).

I don't think Andria has these on her normal menu - I have no idea what inspired her to bring them in today. But you need to contact her and beg her for one of these pies. And make sure to let me know if you love it as much as I do.

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