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'tis the Season

There is no better time of year for serious foods than spring easing into summer. And if you are not shopping at your local Farmer's Market, why not? I grow a lot of my own food, but there are some things I don't. And man, the foods this time of year are just amazing.

Dinner on Thursday was a delicious omelette (with eggs courtesy of my ladies), topped with my new favorite sauce: Chimichurri from Empanadas 2 Go. I am basically putting this sauce on everything I eat - sure, I can make my own, but honestly, theirs is better! (and just for the record, there is no filter on this photo, my eggs are really that yellow and the chimichurri is really that green).

Today was market day, and I picked up some Shitake and Oyster mushrooms. For dinner, I zipped out the garden to harvest some asparagus, chives, and oregano, chopped up some of last year's garlic and cooked everything in butter (lots of butter), with a few slices of red pepper I had. I feel sorry for everyone who was not me tonight!

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