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Menu Challenge

One of my very best friends was coming to dinner with her family. She is a tremendous cook in her own right, and she has some food restrictions. No gluten, no dairy, no sugar, no raw kale/collards/broccoli. When I looked at my go-to recipes, they almost all have dairy in them.

I turned to my friends at the Union County Farmer's Market, and put together a wonderful meal - everything fresh from the garden that day. Wonderful meal, wonderful friends, and I am feeling pretty danged smug about managing the restrictions.

Mr. DoubleUp smoked a salmon - can't go wrong there.

Mashed sweet potatoes with maple syrup.

Raw spinach salad with bacon dressing

Rice cooked with mango and pecans

Cooked cabbage and baby carrots

I was not brave enough to tackle dessert, and happily we were all way too full to eat dessert anyway!

This morning I used the left over rice to make a delicious rice pudding.

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