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It's all about the wools

I have been enamored of sheep since I was very, very young. It came as a surprise to no one that I grew up to have sheep, and spin wool, and do stuff with the yarn. I generally like the spinning more than the "stuff", but recently a friend commissioned a set of scarves, so I have been weaving on my little loom. I forgot how much I love the weaving. Like everything else about wool for me, it is somehow like magic even while I am doing it. I mean, it is basically string, and I end up with something amazing. I have the same exact reaction to spinning the wool into yarn, and to dying the yarn different colors - so the entire experience is one of magic for me.

I hate to see these go, but I am not putting the loom away, and I am re-dedicating myself to learning to warp my big loom this summer....well....this year....well....I am going to look at it very sternly....

Hand woven, Hand spun, Hand dyed

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