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Booch Bandwagon

So, I have this neighbor who has been pestering me for like two years about kombucha. Oh it's delicious, Oh it's so good for you, Oh it has so many benefits. But here's the thing - it is gross, and slimy, and tastes nasty and why would I want to go to a lot of work to make something that icky?

And then, a couple of weeks ago, some friends at the Farmer's Market showed up with jars of it, and being too polite to make a gagging sound, I took a swallow. IT WAS DELICIOUS!! Not just in a "this doesn't make me want to throw up" kind of way - but in a "how can I convince them to give me all of this right now" kind of way. They did give me a lot, which I guzzled as soon as I got home, and then turned immediately to my friends at Amazon Prime for a little help.

One book, one big gallon jar, and one scoby later, I was brewing my heart out.

I am not gonna lie, it was kind of a lot of work, but I can see it will get easier as I do it more often.

And no matter what the people in Kombucha Addicts Anonymous say, that scoby thing is just gross in so many ways. It's the big slimy thing floating in the tea.

And it kind of takes a LONG time until you get some ready to drink. But boy howdy, I love this stuff. Not surprisingly, Mr. Double Up has rejected it in its entirety, but I am now brewing multiple batches in order to feed my booch habit.

Remember last year when everybody got soap and loofah sponsges for Christmas? This year, you are all getting kombucha!!!!

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