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Blue Apron

I love doing things from scratch. It's fun, it's satisfying, other people enjoy it; it's just a win win all the way.

But sometimes, I get into a rut, or I run out of time, or I have to go into the office day after day and I am so exhausted even a bowl of cereal sounds like too much work. And I don't really like going out to eat that much. So, I decided to try one of those subscription deals where they send you all of the ingredients to make a meal. I wasn't really optimistic - I have access to some of the very best of the best ingredients. But it's winter, and my produce sources have dried up. And, I'm tired.

Anyway.....I signed up for Blue Apron. For a flat fee, they send you the ingredients and instructions to make three meals (each meal serves two people). They pick the menu, but you have some flexibility to change them out. Once a week, a box is delivered to your door.

The box contains all of the ingredients for the meal, everything except the salt and pepper and olive oil. The instructions are clear and simple - Mr. Double Up prepared two of the meals, I did the third. The ingredients are wonderful quality. And I loved the dishes. Mr. Double Up was not as crazy about them I was, but he is really a steak, pasta, potato man. This week we had Lemon Caper Catfish with Spicey Lentils (pictured above), Bolognese Pasta with Brussel Sprouts, and Lemon-Olive Chicken with Fennel Roasted Potatoes. As a bonus, I have built in portion control !!

I loved having dishes I would never think of, with ingredients I would not normally use. The fennel potatoes, for example, were just delicious and in 56 years, I have never worked with fennel root.

It seems pricey, but all things considered, we would probably save money. These are restaurant quality meals, except you get to control and see the ingredients and I don't have to put on shoes!!

Once summer comes around, and the garden is in full swing, I will probably suspend deliveries. But I am loving these in the dead of winter!!!

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