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Closet Makeover

In a log home, maximizing space is a constant challenge. We have a little closet downstairs used for coats, the vacuum cleaner, light bulbs, etc etc. And it's a battle every time we need to get something out. This is really our overflow coat area, the active in-use coats live on hooks near the door. In the Carolinas, the temperature can range from 20 to 70 in a single day, so we keep quite an assortment ready.

So this weekend, I did a little makeover which has left me very very happy. I may have to rethink my entire closet strategy. Basically, I got rid of that bar for the hangers, and replaced it with hooks. Bam - all of a sudden I have more room, I can see what's in there, and I am not attacked when I try to get the vacuum cleaner out (okay, really - Mr. Double Up is the one getting the vacuum out, but he appreciates it too)

As always, I forgot to take any before pictures until I was half way through the project, so you can't see just how bad it was (and also, I am kind of embarrassed about how bad it was). After I pulled everything out and took down the bar, I decided to paint it, because it was just bare sheet rock.

Put up the hooks, and we're done. Total cost of this project - $8.00. And as you can see, I have room for a bunch more coats!!!!

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