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Sometimes I do other things

Sure, I cook a lot, because I am all about the foods. But sometimes, I like to do other stuff.

If you have come within a mile of me, you know I am having knee surgery. So, I got a recliner, which is great. I also know I will want to be in my bed a lot (well, that is true even without surgery, but I digress). I decided I need a more comfortable way to sit up in my little bed. Sure, I could have purchased those special pillows, but noooooooooooooo.....I decided to make a padded headboard!!!

Really easy, and I love the result. And I may just never get out of bed again.

(Also, I was really creeped out by the unbelievable amount of dog hair I found UNDER the bed when I moved it, so I am glad I got to clean it up - also when I look at this picture all I can see is the dust on the logs.)

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