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The Wages of Smugness

One of my least attractive personality traits is a tendency towards smugness. Sure, some people would call it self-confidence, but I know what it is (as do my children!!). So when a customer asked me if I could make Elderberry Lozenges with honey, so she could mail some to her son, I thought it would be a snap.

Wrong!! This week I have created so many nasty elderberry surprises that I am giving up for the season as I cannot afford to waste any more elderberry juice!

First, the lozenges - Very, very touchy to get to just the right temperature using fresh juice without burning it. I burned it - oh man, that is NOT a good smell to permeate your house (although they were beautiful). Into the trash.

Not to worry, I decided to switch to Elderberry Gumdrops. Good golly, Miss Molly - when you insist on using pure juice and honey instead of an elderberry infusion and sugar....well....they didn't burn. But they are too sweet and refuse to set completely. I am making Dave eat these, but they are not fit to sell.

I am not sure I am giving up completely - I have to get better at adjusting recipes to suit what I want to do, and I just don't have enough juice left. Good thing I planted more bushes for next year!!!

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