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Death By Jelly

I can be quite impressionable - when I see someone doing something that looks good, I want to do it too!! Recently, this translated to jalapeno jelly in a dangerous way. My friends at Two Men and a Little Farm made some jalapeno jelly, and it looked great. I love jalapenos, although I cannot really take too much heat. My sons (by various means), Troy and Gus, however, says the hotter the better. So, I figured I would give it a go.

It looks glorious, the natural green and red of the peppers gives it a lovely color. But after the first batch, I gave it a taste, and realized I had skipped over the part where Second Man says he removed the seeds. Good Lord - I thought I was going to die. Hacking, sputtering, coughing, wheezing - way, way too hot for me. So in the second batch (using red jalapenos), I removed the seeds, tossed in a couple of cayenne, and it is just perfect. Hot, sweet, tangy - just bearable for me. Dave, of course, will not even look at it.

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