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Make It Real, Or Just Forget About It

I am trying really hard to do the right thing. But this is just not happening.....

In an effort to do better by my body, I am trying to cut back on my flour consumption. So when a lady was singing the praises of spaghetti squash at the Farmer's Market last week, I figured I should give it a try. I bought a lovely little squash from a vendor at the market, and brought it home. I have been staring at it for a week, and today was the day.

Now, I pretty much hate squash unless it is masquerading as pumpkin pie, but I figured it would be covered in sauce, so how bad could it be?

Well, first of all, if you have ever raised chickens, you will know that the pile of squash looks like worms. Okay, I put that aside, and used my favorite sauce. Nope, still tastes like disgusting, make me gag, squash. Next time, I will just eat the sauce out of a bowl with a spoon, but there will be no more invitations to dine for the spaghetti squash.

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