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Sunday in the afternoon

This really started on Saturday, with a busy day at the Farmer's Market - lots of fun, but 8-9 hours on my very sad knees made for a painful night! One of the activities at the market was a cooking demo for a shaved salad, so I made one for dinner tonight. Delicious, but it really needed some feta cheese.

Sunday, I went with a friend to watch herding dog trials. Wonderful people, cool weather, amazing dogs and wonderful sheep. They needed a scribe to take notes, and my friend has done this at horse shows, so we got to go and sit with the judges, and listen to the commentary. Even more fun!

And to top it all off, when I got home, I still had time to make a batch of soap, and sand the day bed we are building!! And, the hospital hen is doing well, she was actually able to hop out of her cage today for a minute. Now, I just want to cuddle up with my pups and call it a wrap on this successful weekend.

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