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A blending of cultures

I mean seriously, you knew this was gonna be about food, right?

Excellent haul from the Farmer's Market today - fresh tomatoes and duck eggs. I had a batch of yummy cornbread I made yesterday. So for dinner tonight, I made Israeli Shaksuka, served over southern cornbread (seasoned with my own home grown paprika - the shaksuka, not the cornbread - what kind of idiot would put paprika in cornbread....). The duck eggs have more body than the chicken eggs and are (were) delicious. As happens all too often, I fell on it with my fork before taking a picture, so you are stuck with a photo from the last batch I made!!

Also at the Market today, I picked up some delicious bread from my friend Minnie at The Bread Basket, sliced up some tomatoes from my friend Jerry, popped open a jar of Duke's Mayonnaise (wait a minute, are you saying everyone does not keep a jar of emergency mayonnaise with them????), and before two shakes of a lamb's tail, it was 'Mater Sandwiches for everyone!! The laws around selling food are just absurd to my mind, but apparently there is not a law against making lunch for your friends.

I am sure there was some marketing going on today, but it is lost in the glow of post market gluttony.

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