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This and That

I had an order for a gift basket, and noticed the delivery address was different than the purchasing address. So I sent them a note to ask if this was a gift, and did they want the receipt included. It was a gift, and they asked if I could write a note to go with it (and no receipt). I have to admit, I was just tickled to do it and am still grinning hours later.

What am I NOT grinning about? I was getting dressed, and you know how you lift up one leg at a time to put your underwear on? Welp...I stood on my left leg, and the knee just kind of dissolved out from under me, and I fell over in slow motion. Fortunately I was on the carpet and nothing was hurt other than my pride. The dogs and Dave thought it might have been the funniest thing they ever saw. I mean, I'd like to blame it on the busted knee, but I think it is just oldness in the making.

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