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What to do, What to do

Sometimes I wake up in the morning with so many ideas running through my head, I can't decide what I want to do first. Yesterday was about doing things that had to be done. Today is about doing things I want to do - but how to decide?

  • I want to make some soap

  • I want to make some new dog toys

  • I want to start some new sets of dryer balls

  • I want to plant my new elderberry bushes

  • I want to mulch my garden

  • I want to groom the horses and dogs (who are all blowing their winter coats in a big way - spring is coming folks!!)

  • I'd like to make some soup

  • I'd like to clean the chicken house (hard to explain why I like to clean the chicken house, but somehow, I love to do it!).

  • I would love to spend some time spinning

  • I want to make a batch of laundry detergent

Now, clearly, I do not have time to do all of this today (nor do I have the energy to try). I think perhaps I will make a cup of coffee and think about it some more <g>!!

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