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What is a Farm Tour?

My friends Angela and Kate came out to the farm last week. Angela is diligently trying to teach me to crochet (not working, I just make her crochet for me!!!), and she brought her daughter Kate to visit. Kate did all the morning chores with me - we fed the chickens and horses, fed the sheep, cleaned the sheep pen, collected eggs, checked on the garden. Then we went in and ground some wheat and made scones. While the scones were baking, we headed down to the basement to learn how to spin, and then we were off to do a little horseback riding. Little Kate was a trooper, even through all the poop and sweat!!!

I have a particular affinity for Kate - you can see why - same name, same hair, same teeth.

Angela made the sweetest video, condensing our 4 hour visit to 14 minutes. In retrospect, I kind of wish I had opted for a different outfit, but heck, we are keeping it real!!!

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