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To Have and To Hold

<<sigh>> I do love a good wedding....

In March, at our Shearing day, my friends Mary and Adam became engaged - it was so sweet, in a way only farmish types could appreciate! And I was over the moon when they asked if they could have the wedding at the farm!!!!

Saturday was the wedding, and it was (from my perspective) just perfect. Despite predictions of 100% rain, not a drop of water fell. It was very warm (this is June in the Deep South), but we all managed. The bride was beautiful, the groom was so dashing I didn't recognize him the first time I saw him, the sheep and dogs were cooperative, friends provided the food, and it was all just the way you hope weddings will be.

I am not sure I want to go into business as an event venue (I am just wiped out today), but this is definitely something I hope to do again!!

Also - surprise bonus: I got to keep all of the flowers!!!!!

So many beautiful flowers!!

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