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To Every Thing, There Is A Season

2020 has brought many changes to how we go about our business, and our lives.

For many years, the Double Up has opened our doors to the public for farmish events. And over the years, we have been so grateful to see the attendance grow - from a handful of friends, to more than 200 guests at the last event. This year, due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot open the farm to large groups.

We are partnering with Kensho Retreats to offer small, wellness-oriented retreats. If you've been here, you know there is something magical about the farm. Just being here is healing for your soul - we are offering a series of one day retreats so that our friends can get away from it all, without going too far from home. In addition to yoga and meditation, we will offer workshops in wildcrafting, smudge making, Akashic Record reading, Reflexology, and more.

We are excited to launch this new endeavor, with our first event scheduled for November 7. Attendance is limited to only 10 guests so we can insure we keep it real, keep it safe, and keep it magical. You can read more about the event here.

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