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Stone Cold Pepper-Doodle

I have dogs because I love them, not because they serve a functional purpose. But when they do, well.....sometimes I love them just a little more. Today, our Pepper stepped up his game to become Defender of the Coop, Rodent-Bane, He Who Causes Ratties to Tremble. That's right - my stout little Doodle Dog destroyed the chicken run invader.

Let me back up - a few weeks ago, I noticed we had a big rat raiding the chicken run. So I immediately acquired two new kittens. Of course, the kittens are little and not ready for rats, and we have continued to be terrorized (okay, technically, only I am terrorized - the chickens do not actually seem to care). This morning as we filled the water and feed, Pepper made it very clear there was an unauthorized visitor under a pallet in the coop. I lifted the pallet, Pepper darted in like lightening, grabbed the rat before it could move, and quickly dispatched it. No mess, no fuss, no interest in eating the rat - just making sure it darkened our coop-step no more.

Not the actual rat, but it looked like this, only bigger!!

To all you haters out there who have called that good boy a "Vienna Sausage Dog" - I suggest you stay the heck away from pallets when visiting the farm, or the Doodle will put an end to that nonsense.

Keeping the world safe, one rat at a time...

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