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Soap - Ingredients Matter

Someone asked me if I thought my hand crafted soap was better than other soap. I am only an expert on one thing: ME (and even with that, I am not always 100%). For ME, my soap is the best. What I want in a soap may not be what other people want.

I first took up soap making in order to get exactly what I wanted: a good smelling, good washing, moisturizing soap with nothing artificial and using no animal products. So that’s what I make, and it is perfect for me. Pretty colors, shapes and textures don’t mean a thing to me. And oh yeah, it had to be easy to make using things I could (mostly) obtain easily.

Sometimes, I feel jealous when I see people making fantastic shapes, colors, and textures, and using exotic fragrances. Then I remember what I believe in, and I trot happily back to my workshop. There is nothing in my soap except oil. No fragrances, other than essential oils. No colors, other than naturally occurring mica stone powders.

Is it the best?? It is for me!! You are welcome to get your soap loaded up with other things as it suits you <g>!

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