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Radio Silence

We've been busy, lots of time to think, little time to write. Now that it is a bizzillion degrees outside, I have time in the afternoon to get stuff off my chest!!

Part of the challenge in blogging, has been that we are apparently classified as "not serviceable" to our local broadband providers. Now, two doors down from us, they are serviceable, and in fact have full cable broadband. But the rest of our street? Not serviceable. While this has been inconvenient, it was not truly critical until we were all locked down. And at that point, the families with children could not do online schooling. The people who could work from home, can't. For example, using the available access (which is currently costing me $200 + a month), in a Zoom meeting, I can use either video, or audio, but not both.

So, I did what anyone would do - I started asking for help. I asked Spectrum, I asked Charter Communications (the Spectrum parent), I filed an informal complaint with the FCC, I wrote to our House Representative, I wrote to our Senator, I wrote to the local consumer advocates. Across the board - nothing. I was shocked to find out that broadband providers have been receiving 8 Billion dollars per year, targeted solely for creating rural broadband access. So far, no one can account for where that money has gone, aside from "upgrading existing lines" - how is that expanding access?

In the grander scheme of things, I realize this is a "first world" problem, but it is frustrating. Good thing I hung on to all of my print books.....

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