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Pay It Forward

Today was a good day.

After meeting friends for coffee, I stopped by the market to get some lettuce (you know, because I only eat healthy.....). As I waited behind an older gentleman in the checkout, his card transaction was declined. He tried again, and a third time with the same result. Obviously embarrassed, he asked the clerk if he could set his basket aside and go out to the car.

I quietly handed the clerk the cash for the gentleman's groceries, leaned over and whispered to him that I had taken care of it. He looked at me in confusion and said he would move his cart (I think he thought I was complaining). I told him that the groceries had been paid for, and to be sure to drive safely. He was so surprised, and genuinely pleased. As I left the store a few minutes later, I saw him unloading his groceries into his car, parked in the handicapped zone.

You know, it takes so very little to help someone else. The annoyed people in my line turned to smiling people, the lady behind me in line was so surprised - I am sure she will do the same thing when the opportunity presents itself. Love is always, always its own reward, and it is never the wrong thing to do. Today was a good day.

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