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2019 Sheep Shearing

In which I go on and on and on about the sheep, fully recognizing that no one really cares but me!!!

First things first - 2019 Shearing Day has come and gone. It was, as always, an amazing experience. The weather was dreadful - it rained for days leading up to the event. This means that on the Friday before shearing, I had to lock the flock up to keep them dry enough to shear. they were very, very displeased with me over this insult.

The day of shearing dawned cool and wet, but the rain stopped around 6:00 a.m., and did not pick up until after 3:00 p.m., so we had no active rain during the event. Our wonderful sheep shearer, Justin, arrived and we got down to business.

While I "managed" the shearing, my friends Gena and Tim did the cooking and food service, and manned the Farm Store. My friend Trish ran pony rides with my beloved Jostein. My granddaughter staffed the dog visiting area, and my son Troy ran traffic control. Friends ran the fleece skirting table for me - It was a serious family event.

As a highlight, we had a surprise wedding proposal (and acceptance) from our friends Adam and Mary!!! Stay tuned for the wedding in June at the farm!

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