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Family Matters

Christmas 2005

I have two wonderful daughters I had the privilege to raise. And when I married Mr. Double Up, I was gifted with a son and a daughter.

I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to their mother (Lois Cantor) for the amazing people these two have become. We often have opposing beliefs, but we never seem to let it affect us. They are ethical, caring, dedicated people. Even across many, many miles, they are consistent about keeping in touch with their Dad and me. Tamar has shared her beautiful children with us, and we have had the joys of grandparenting. Now that the kids are mostly grown, we still see them several times a year. Troy still goes on vacation with his dad every year.

It's hard to explain exactly how much I adore these two - because it's not newsworthy, maybe it's not exciting, but it is so endlessly special. I feel so fortunate in having their love and respect, and I am always so proud to call them my son and my daughter. Because while I know that's not biologically accurate, it is one of the absolute truths of my heart.

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