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Grim Thoughts - Aging

I read a post the other day that has been haunting me. It was a middle aged gentleman bemoaning the fact that his mother had asked him to visit her on his day off. This is the line that keeps replaying in my head: "at some point in the near future we will have to have sibling solidarity and force Mother into a care place."

Now, I am no stranger to difficult mothers, although both my mother and father are now deceased. My father-in-law lived with us for quite a few years, before we eventually moved him into a care place (I just could not deal with having to shower him and rub various creams on his crevices). I was raising two children, managing a career, and had a limited supply of time and energy. I understand the adult child perspective.

But as an aging mom, I also appreciate the elderly side of things. On the one hand, I do not want to become beholden to anyone. The idea of my children dreading the idea of being around me is one I cannot face. On the other hand, the idea of living in a care community seems even worse. From this vantage point, I wish I had been more supportive and patient, and less selfish.

I am a big fan of legalized euthanasia, it seems to be the only good option!!

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