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Make Mine Raw

Many years ago, a friend and I decided to make butter. Because we are the way we are, I wanted raw milk, you know, the way nature kind of intended it to be. At the time, we lived in South Carolina where raw milk is legal. And while I was not militant, I became a supporter and fan of raw milk for a lot of reasons, including the fact that my lactose intolerant daughter could consume raw milk without an issue.

Once we moved to North Carolina, however, things were different. In North Carolina, raw milk is illegal. Sometimes I drove across the state line where groups of us met illicitly at a gas station like we were buying drugs from our raw milk suppliers. But mostly, I gave up on raw milk.

But starting in 2019, North Carolina has made it legal to purchase a herd share. This means, I can buy an interest in a dairy cow, and because I own the cow, I can do whatever I want with it. Boy Howdy, I am back in business!! Thanks to my friends at Brown Creek Creamery (which is, quite honestly, the only family dairy I trust), I am the proud owner of a beautiful Jersey Girl. This means I am dairying with a vengeance!!! I had forgotten how much I like making my own dairy goods. Day 1 of my herd share saw me making cottage cheese, cheesecake, and yogurt. I have some vegetarian rennet on the way, and am gunning for mozzarella and feta next week.

Cottage Cheese

Maple Orange Cheesecake

Greek Yogurt

The delightful ladies at Brown Creek Creamery - I like to pretend I know which one is "mine" - I kind of want to make her something special:

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