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Double Up is Popping Up All Over

I love being at the Farmer's Market - but in the winter, our hours are cut and we are only open from 8:00 - 10:00. Now, people who buy veggies want to get up that early. But people who want cuddly, snuggly woolens - well, they are still sleeping tucked up into their wools!!! So we are "extending" our hours and participating in a Pop Up Market this winter.

You can find us on Dec. 8 from Noon - 3:00 next to The Loyalist Market, along with my personal coffee vendor, Good Cup Coffee (I am sure they have other customers, but they do not exist for me). I am never sure when and where we will be, so you can check our Events page when you feel the need, the need for wools, that is.

And also, this puts me conveniently close to my new favorite restaurant where I can have a delicious lunch as my reward for working so hard!!!

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