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Farm Day - 2018

For a crusty old curmudgeon, I sure enjoy having people out to the farm!! March brings Shearing Day, and November brings Farm Day. I pressure my best friends and family into volunteering their time and expertise, and we open the farm to the public. This year we made doughnuts over an open fire (thank you Gena!!!!), gave pony rides to one and all (thank you Trish!!), let everyone play with the dogs (Kathy - Zoe and Charlie love you so much), did a soapmaking demo, and a wool spinning demo. The sheep pasture was manned by Mr. Double Up, my friend Tim staffed the Farm Store, and Mr. Double Up 2.0 (my amazing step-son Troy) handled traffic, security and welcoming visitors to the farm.

I am not going to lie - as a business venture, this is not a tremendous money making opportunity. But as an experience? Wow, there is just something so overwhelmingly wonderful about dressing up in costume and having friendly people come by to see what's doing at the farm. And also, my friends Amit and Vani brought me homemade samosa which I managed to hide and keep all for myself!!!

P.S. - North Carolina, incredible timing on the weather! I cannot imagine a more perfect day!

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