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Flo vs. Double Up

Hurricane Florence - so far, so good!! For us, just a lot of rain. Lots of rain here means a couple of things: the low areas are going to flood, the creek is going to flood, the power is going to go out, and I am going to be wet and smelly.

We have only lost power once, for a short period. We have locked the sheep into the upper pasture so they cannot accidentally get swept away by the creek, and that means I have to clean the sheep shed every other day. I don't keep my sheep in straw (which gets soaked and smelly and disgusting). But it does mean I have to clean the sheds regularly, and when they are spending all of their time in them, almost daily. Just....yuck. but I love those woolies, and I want them to have a clean dry-ish place, so okay.

After two days of rain, the low areas have flooded and are at about 6 inches of accumulated water. Like an 8 year old, I love to put on my boots and get into it.

The creek is just starting to spill over its banks at the lowest parts, so I expect it to come up and over onto our property is about two hours. If it keeps raining as predicted, we'll be up a good bit by this evening, but it honestly does not look like we will have anything worse than what we have seen before.

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