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It's a wonderful life

I always have the best of intentions to be a more active blogger, but it turns out I am too busy living my life to always find the time to talk about it on social media.

It has been hectic here at the Double Up. I had the opportunity to travel to Banff in Alberta, Canada with two of my very best friends. And my daughter zipped up for a few days to visit also. It was definitely one of the best trips I have ever taken. Aside from the overwhelming beauty of the area, and the amazing adventures, I love these women like nobody's business.

And when I came home, Mr. Double Up's family was here for a visit. We had his son, his daughter, and my treasured granddaughter. They are all wonderful, generous, funny people, and my house seems very, very quiet now that they have gone.

During this, elderberries came into full season, so we have been picking, and cleaning, and juicing, and bottling like there is no tomorrow. The season is quite short, so there almost is no tomorrow! The weird weather damaged production of the bushes quite a bit - good thing I have the wools to fall back on.

We have started planning the next Farm Event - so be on the look out for updates on our November event!!

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