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I would have found you sooner

Yesterday, Daisy and Hunter came to live with us. If you have ever spent time around me, you know that in my world, animals and people have equal status (well, strictly speaking, the average animal soul rates way above the average person soul, so they may have a higher status if you are keeping score).

So, I make no apologies for my callous and sometimes hostile attitude about people who treat animals like commodities. The family who raised Daisy and Hunter from puppies (for 13 years), found it inconvenient to deal with them any longer. And while I appreciate the fact that they took some time to find a caring home rather than just dumping them, I will never be able to understand how you throw away someone who loves you, and trusts you, and has been there for you THERE ENTIRE LIVES. Make all the excuses you want to make yourself feel better, it doesn't change the reality.

Anyway, these two are just wonderful, incredible dogs. They have settled in so quickly I am reeling. Hunter is sociable, extremely sociable, and has taken a strong liking to Mr. Double Up and follows him everywhere. Daisy is more reserved, but she seems to have some significant medical issues, so it's hard to say.

As I type, Hunter has found "his" spot, which is curled under my desk at my feet; Ansel is in the crate next to the desk, Charlie is next to me on Hunter's new bed, and Pepper is behind us. Daisy wore herself out practicing on her new ramp to get into the car and has been sleeping in the dining room, and Zoe is laying in the office doorway. Dog Days of Summer, indeed. I am thrilled to have a day off today so we can make it all about the puppers!!



After multiple, tearful phone calls, the Lab's person said he had made a horrible, horrible mistake. He said it did not matter how difficult things were, he could not live without his best friends. We agreed he could come over, and when I saw how ecstatic the labs were to see him - knew it was the right thing to do. We have all learned a valuable lesson, I think. He has learned that relationships are more important than anything else, and that dog lives matter; I have learned that it takes me approximately 7 minutes to bond with a dog completely and eternally. I know it was only two days, and I did the right thing, but I miss them. Zoe, however, is ecstatic they are gone.


Mr. Double Up makes sure Pepper and Zoe don't feel left out with all the attention on the new pack members.

Daisy has ignored her new bed in favor of the cooler wood floor.

Hunter followed Mr. Double Up into the kitchen for a snooze while he made coffee (Mr. Double Up made the coffee, not Hunter - don't be ridiculous, Hunter doesn't know his way around the kitchen yet).

Charlie and Hunter had a few moments of dominance shuffling, but are now comfortably separate but equal.

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