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My Pit Crew

I have been thinking a lot about how much we owe the people around us. I don't talk a lot about the people around me who make it possible for me to do what I do (you know, mostly because I am an egotistical narcissist), but there are a number of folks who keep me going.

The Crew Chief

I don't talk much about Mr. Double Up, and when I do, it is usually to whine about something. I recognize that we are living my dream, and he has agreed to come along for the ride. He does not really love the things I do, but he loves me, and he does the work to make it happen. I never think about our vehicles, or our equipment - he takes care of it all. He does the shopping and running around (since I HATE to leave the farm for any reason). Most of the time, now that he is retired, he does the cooking and keeps me fed. He does our laundry, and when I am gone, makes sure all of the animals are fed. Most importantly, if you know me, you know I may not be the easiest person to live with (I can hear the gasps of amazement). And he puts up with my volatility with rarely a flicker. I may not always agree with him, but I always love him and appreciate him.

The Tire Carrier

My daughter Spencer is responsible for staying in contact and keeping me grounded. She is basically me, but smarter and better looking. We share so many personality traits, sometimes I don't know if my thoughts are mine, or hers. She is my creative muse, and often comes up with brilliant ideas and concepts that she shares with me and my little business. And I am not giving up hope that one day she will move back to the East Coast where I can see her and hug her every day!!

The Tire Changer

When we first moved to the farm, we met Jared. And while technically we hired Jared to help out, in reality, he has become as much a part of the farm as we are. There is no one else I want on my side when the shit hits the fan, and he is solely responsible for teaching me to (a) drive the tractor, (b) light the burn pile, (c) move manure, (d) take apart, move and reassemble an entire fenceline), (e) - well you get the idea. It's not that everything I learned, I learned from Jared, but it is pretty dang close!! And also, I simply adore his family and am grateful they let me borrow him so often.

The Gas Man (Men....Women....)

There are two women in my life who keep me fueled, and keep me moving forward. My friends Gena and Trish have been with me for this entire journey. They never, ever give up on me, they never get tired of listening to me, they are always there to help - no

matter the task, no questions asked. There have been days when I have fallen and would not have gotten back up if they were not there to lift me. It is always amazing to me that they have their own lives, because they are such a tightly wound part of mine, I can't imagine a life without them.

The Fans

There are so many other people who keep me heading in the (general) right direction, and while I do not tell them very often, it is their constant support and affection that give me the energy to keep trying to live all of my lives (what with the paying job, the farm, the business, the family).

I am always, always grateful, but today, I thought maybe I had better say it out loud.

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