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It's Like Spring Comes Every Year

I am not actually saying it out loud, in case I jinx it, but I might be Spring now instead of Winter. I like Winter, really, but this one has seemed longer than most.

Every year, around September / October, I swear I am done gardening. I am so tired of the endless weeding, pruning, tending, processing. I just want it to be over. My last gasp is always putting in the garlic bed in November.

And like clockwork, every February I start watching the weather. By March, I can feel the anticipation and need to get into the dirt building. By the end of March, little seedlings in under the grow light are just not enough, and I feel like I am going to explode if I can get into the ground.

In our area, it is not really safe to put out delicates yet (tomatoes, peppers, etc.). But this weekend, I am putting in elderberry starts, and seeds. I am just dancing about waiting, waiting, waiting.

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