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It Took Me By Surprise

I wish I wasn't so dramatic, but like Popeye, I yam what I yam. My friend Ryan tells me I should only use this blog to promote by little business, but since my business is ME, I feel okay about using it for personal stuff too.

I kind of thought that at some point, as a grown up and a parent, there would come a time when it didn't hurt so much when my daughters "took the long way home". But after 30 years of being a parent, this is exactly the same feeling I had on the first day of school, every time they went away to visit their dad, going to college, moving into their first apartments....

I thought the joy in their independence and success would take away this feeling that I am going to curl up and die without them. And while I know from experience this feeling will fade, I always forget just how bad it is at first.

Love you Bence.

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