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Tell me something good

Like a lot of people, I am consumed by the need to be poetic, or inspirational, or motivational, or just....something....on the last day of the year. Probably not gonna happen this year - again.

But I do like to take some time to think about my year in review, what I really did well, what I could have done better, what I want to work on next. Or as I like to think of it, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good:

Let's be honest here, since it's just the two of us. My life totally rocks - like, I have everything I have ever dreamed of (except for maybe Heidi Klum's body, which apparently went to Heidi Klum instead of me). Dreamed of having a horse when I was a little girl: got it. Wished to live on a farm: got it. Joked about having a flock of sheep one day: got it. Fantasized about having lots and lots of dogs: got it. Wondered if I would ever have a best friend: got two of 'em! Imagined having delicious food whenever I want it: done!! I spent the year making sure I thanked the Powers That Be, and focused on keeping the attitude of gratitude. I worked really hard to get here, and yes, it is just as fabulous as you always dreamed it would be. My life is not perfect, but it comes pretty darned close. And for icing on the cake, I made peace with my beloved little sister and spent many weeks visiting with her after years of not seeing her.

The Bad:

I lost one of my best friends this year - well, I didn't lose him, I know exactly where he is, but it's not in this life anymore. My oldest daughter continues her estrangement by choice. I am a bit creakier, but nothing I can't handle.

The Ugly:

Some end of the year illness has kept me away from yoga for a few weeks - and we are all going to pay for it when I get back to class!! I still have to work for a living, but I want to stop whining about it so much. I am absurdly distressed by the media and the unbelievable hatred I see in the media - this year, I want to work on leading by example because I just cannot accept people can really be that awful.

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