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Obligatory controversial post

Disclaimer - this is not a photo of me, although I do actually own this outfit.

I found myself in a discussion a few days past about women wearing hijab, a traditional Muslim headscarf. My friend was really irritated about it, and I found myself oddly bothered as well. As I examined my response (as I am prone to do), I had to do some research to understand the reasons behind wearing it. My limited understanding was that it had something to do with the Muslim custom of covering women to make sure they did not "improperly" incite men to lust. and so, I had a hard time appreciating women who wore the hijab and then applied makeup.

After a lot of reading, it is not really that clear cut - and like all religious texts which have been translated, the exact meaning from the Quran is not precise. What is apparent, is that the wearing has become much more of a cultural custom than one arising solely from religious observation.

But what really shifted my perception, was my own experience. I love Indian clothing, and frequently wear salwar kameez to work, or just out and about. So comfortable, so beautiful, and the flow and color make me FEEL feminine and beautiful. But, I recently noticed that people look at me funny, and occasionally remark in unfriendly tones "why are YOU wearing that". And my answer is "because I want to - why do you ask".

Anyway the point is, it's always a good thing to examine your initial knee jerk response. Or as my daughter would say, "Ma, check yourself".

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