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The Friend-A-Versary

Everyone has those friends who make you want to be a better person (at least, I hope everyone has a friend like that). In my life, it's Gena and Trish. We started working together 15 years ago, and quickly became like family (only, kind of better). They are my alter-egos, they keep me grounded, and real, and remind me that I can do whatever I want. They always have my back, they are always there when I need them, they forgive me when I am a dreadful person, and wait patiently when I drift - trusting I will drift back in the right direction.

Over the years, we have gotten into the habit of opening our hearts and our homes to friends. This weekend, we celebrated our friendship, and were astonished to realize that we had to cut off the guest list at 80, and we still weren't done inviting the people we care about. We cooked, and danced, and visited with people who do not get to see enough of. We cuddled babies, and ran after children, we ate, and talked, and made new friends.

We laughed and laughed, and then we just grinned when we could not laugh anymore. It was a wonderful, glorious day. My feet hurt, my knees hurt, and I cannot avoid thinking I look a bit like a whale in crinolines. Mostly, I cannot wait to do it again!!!!

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