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Of Sheeps and Wool

If somehow you have missed my going on and on and on about the new sheep: I got some new sheep! My friend Lee started with the sheep and the spinning at the same time I did, and in fact, we bought our first sheep together. Her life has gotten more and more hectic, so she asked me if I wanted her sheep. Yes Please!! So last week, she brought them down to the Double Up. I have no pictures of the offloading because I was way too excited to bother with a camera.

Joining the Double Up Flock are EmmieLou, her twins Thelma and Louise, Ernie, Eddie Dingleberry, and two Finn sheep - Caroline and Renee, Every morning I go out and visit, and by the time I come back in my face is sore from grinning. SO MUCH WOOLS!!!

Today, I was inspired to dye some roving - so much fun, I am not sure why I do not dye more often. Oh wait, that's right - I never have enough time!!!

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