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Technically, my basil crop did not do well - I only had a single plant come up from my seed. But to my surprise, the 2016 basil was on the job, and spread their own seeds all over, so I had a basil bounty come up all over the garden.

This is what is happening at my computer as I type - pesto, crackers, and coffee!!

I love pesto - I don't eat it a lot, because it is so rich, but it is so easy to make, and I keep tweaking the recipe, I may need to make enough to freeze.

I used this recipe - - and did not mess with it much. I used a bit more basil, and next time I will use a bit less salt. But it is like eating summer. The idea was to have basil with pasta, and share some with friends. I am not sure yet whether either of those things is going to happen because as long as the crackers hold out, I am going to keep eating.

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