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So much to talk about

There is apparently an entire breed of people who feel the need to discuss their lives, regardless of whether anyone is listening. Hence the popularity of blogging. I am definitely one of them, as I find it endlessly rewarding to talk about myself, my thoughts, and the minutiae of my daily life.

Of course, the pace of that daily life often prevents me for said blogging, and then I find when I have time to sit down, it is all just too much.

Anyway, it is once again a Sunday, and I am once again chatting with <<pick one here>> God, the Universal Life Force, the Goddess, Buddha, Allah. You know what I mean. I have never been a believer that God is only found in man-built houses. "Church" is great for fellowship with your fellow man, but for that one-on-one God time? Nothing brings it closer than being outside. And guess what? God does not mind if I am scooping manure or mowing or tending my farm friends while we chat.

Mr. DoubleUp is often chiding me for not sleeping in when I can - but, while I love to be in bed, I love the activities of my life even more. So more often than not, I am jumping out of bed and raring to go.

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