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And on the 7th Day...

When you work at a paying job six days a week, and have a farm, Sunday means the day you get a week's worth of work done in a single day!

Up before 6:00 to harvest elderberries - it was a glorious morning, cool and wet and just perfect for picking. Two five gallon buckets turned into 2 1/2 gallons of berries which turned into 4 quarts of juice. If you ever wonder why elderberry juice is so expensive, spend a day making some!!

Got some new elderberry slips started, weeded the garden and the bee garden, transplanted some unauthorized basil, and cleared out the hibiscus beds of grass (which does not belong there), and finished cleaning up the garlic and onions.

Worked the beehives - one of them has a nasty infestation of wax moths, but the other two are doing great. The fourth hive is empty, and while I was suited up, I pulled the frames and then did the first part of processing beeswax. If you ever wonder why beeswax is so expensive....

Tried an icky new recipe because Mr. DoubleUp wanted it - tater tots in the waffle iron, mushed and grilled to make a grilled bacon and cheese sandwich - Yuck.

Zipped out to the paddock to take of little Joe, who blew a huge abscess in his hoof - soaked it in a bucket of water and epsom salt, trimmed the hair, cleaned it with antiseptic, and then put goop on it to keep flies away. Remembered why I have a Fjord....I did all of that work with Joe just standing there on his own, no halter, no ties - just a flake of hay. He is the best.

Back to the house to finish making a batch of lip balm, packaged and labelled, make the elderberry labels. organize my medical stuff to go to a new doctor this week, pack some things for the market, put away laundry, and then get organized since I have to work in Charlotte all week.

And THEN I went to yoga!!!

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