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Waxing (and Waning) Poetic

Sometimes life is so breathtaking and perfect, you take a snapshot in your mind. No camera could capture the moment, I think because it is a feeling as much as it is a vision. Maybe it was just my overwhelming contentment and happiness, maybe it was a moment of grace, maybe it was the morning caffeine.....I am grateful nonetheless.

This morning, just past dawn when the sky was light, the moon was full and still completely visible. The lowland was covered with a light mist, but the sky was clear and everything stood out in stark relief. So beautiful, and I realized I have an entire slide show of these moments in my mind, moments that no camera could ever capture; moments that I can parade out when I need them. A herd of antelope in a field in the middle of Wyoming just as a storm was darkening the sky; my best friend Joe running at full gallop in the sun with his white coat gleaming against an impossibly green pasture.

They are not pictures of any moment or import, except that they are mine forever.

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