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Mother Me This

The Mother's Day weekend has brought a whole lot of mother love into the Double Up realm. First, Ethel's chicks began hatching, and there is nothing more adorable than new chicks. Nothing!!

Then, my friend Sydney brought her 5 week old son and his older sisters by the Farmer's Market for a visit. 10 minutes of cuddling that baby (which may have included a creepy amount of head sniffing) set all things right with the world!

And THEN, I was the special guest midwife when my friend Holly went into labor last night. The call came in at midnight saying it was going to happen soon, so I jumped into the car with my Starbucks Espresso Double Shot and headed over.

This was Holly's first, and it is always amazing at how naturally new mothers seem to figure things out without having to be told what to do. Things went very fast, she did extremely well - lots of FaceTiming with the family and changing waterproof pads. So much .... so much .... well, it's just a very emotional thing - happiness, awe, pride. Here is a photo after she got cleaned up and was resting.

I mentioned she was a German Shorthair Pointer, right?? Congratulations to the proud grandparents!!! Seven puppies, and everyone seems to be doing fabulous. So much love this weekend!

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