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Dominion over what?

So much work, so little time to write fascinating blog entries. I left my iPod in the car when it went into the shop. This means that I had a LOT of time to think big thoughts while I was driving or spinning or what have you.

If you know me at all, you recognize I am a bit to one side of normal. And a friend pointed out to me that my attitude towards animals may just be flat out freaky. See, I genuinely believe an animal life is worth as much as a human life, and I am challenged to understand the supreme arrogance that comes with people thinking people are somehow better than animals. We are smarter, but since I hang with a lot of smart people, I can assure you that does not make us better.

I also believe in eating meat, we're built that way, and I don't see anything wrong with it. Just like I don't see anything better about eating cows, chickens or pigs, but not horses, cats or dogs. I don't personally want to eat cats and dogs, because I wasn't raised that way. But from an ethical point of view, I am okay with it. I an easing away from eating meat, because I am increasingly troubled by the ethics of raising a life for no other reason than to kill it and eat it. I am not there yet, because I am a glutton at heart, and love meat so much I cannot see my way clear to give it up, yet.

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