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Such a lovely day today, and they have been such wonderful sheep, I decided the flock could go on walkabout. Mr. DoubleUp was not in favor of this decision, but was overruled by a vote of 5 to 1.

So the gate was opened and I scooted up to the porch. They made a beeline for the front yard.

Farm to Table takes on a whole new meaning when the livestock are actually coming up to the table....

I just can't imagine why they keep roaming, but they circled the house

Then they headed to the back where they hit the shrubbery jackpot. Clearly, these are camo lambs and are completely safe from predators!

After a bit of grazing, they circled back around and headed back in.

They could have stayed out longer, but decided that in all of 7 acres, the one thing they had to have was a berry bush. I suggested they return to the sheep area, and they agreed (okay fine, I chased them with a stick). Oh how I love my lambs!!!

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