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If you can't beat 'em, eat 'em

When we first moved to the farm, we had a terrible time with weeds that came up every spring. Mowing them down didn't slow them, pulling them up didn't slow them, nothing we tried could control them. So I started eating them. This field garlic is particularly nice for making Asian pancakes; the tops are like chives, the bulbs are a garlicy green onion flavor which is great in cooking (a bit strong raw). Since then, I have started using lots of our "weeds" - field garlic, chickweed, mullein, plantain, elderberries.

I still grow "regular" garlic, but have come to love this field garlic. And there is something particularly thrilling about finding a use for things which nature provides free of charge!!!

This year, I have decided to try drying and marketing the field garlic. I love the flavors, and hope they stay when dried!

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